HR Headhunting

HR headhunting

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It refers to the process of preparing a pool of executive-level candidates to fill the vacant position in an organization. which involves the organization head, HR department or the recruitment agencies approaching the potential candidates with best of experience and required skills sets. And prepare the pool before making the final selection. It also involves meeting the potential candidate and convincing them to join one’s organization. The recruiters finds the details of the potential candidate with the required skill set. Contacts the candidate and convince them to participate in the recruitment process or directly join the organization.

One of the important processes for an organization is HR headhunting process. By which companies can acquire the required executives with the right skills set for the senior or executive position and regulate smooth operation of the organization.

At Raspberry, we perform the Head Hunting assignments with close collaboration with the clients. By evaluating the assignment and requirement set by the client. We prepare a specific search strategy for tracking the best candidate. The process also involves understanding the client organizations culture and the detail job description of the position. With this search parameter, we develop a list of target sectors, companies, network, source and relevant associations. From these sources, we develop a list of suitable candidate for the required position.

Before forwarding these details of these candidates. Our recruitment team screen, meet and assess the list of potential candidates. Our team conducts screening process through telephonic conversation and face-to-face interview. After performing the screening process. We consult with our clients to review preferred candidates. And assist with essential information for the selection process. Our clients then can make the suitable decision from the shortlisted candidates based on the evaluation presented to them. After the client confirms the candidate, our team starts the reference check process in consultation with the client. And after the position is filled, we shall make continuous follow up and feedback’s with our client and the candidates being selected.

The process of headhunting can have both advantages and disadvantage in its process. Major precaution to observed is confidentiality and discretion about the headhunting assignment. While maintaining the service, recruitment companies must make sure that very few people should know about the assignment being carried out for a particular company. As the recruitment agencies act on behalf of its client company. The client company shall not be responsible for the mistake or any changes in plan.

The major reason behind companies involving in HR headhunting process for its access to experience and knowledge required for its vacant position. The recruitment company acting as headhunter, shall conduct good research on understanding attributes needed to understand the culture of the client company and organization climate. To identify key personnel that has the potential to make difference in the prospective company.

The headhunting company shall ensure the clients with its expertise in approaching people,negotiation skills with high emotional intelligence and good communication skills in explanation of clients need and offer and empathy skills to analyze the best candidates.

At Raspberry, we aim to provide customize headhunting service to our clients need. We separate the team of experts for our individual clients to ensure attention to our clients’ needs and timely deliver quality deliverable’s to our clients. We offer transparent process to ensure quality and right service for our client solution.

Many companies these days choose to use headhunting method for the expert recruiter to enhance its human resource need. The companies in need of the service are dependent to recruitment company expertise in understanding of market and industry, job profiles, people’s skills and in-depth knowledge of HR policies, labor laws, job requirements and work culture.

At Raspberry, we aim to recruit the people with specific talent who can perform, an outstanding performance in our clients’ company and make a difference. Along with screening the job knowledge preferred by the client. We ensure the candidates’ skills and attributes required for the organization culture existing in the client company. By the headhunting process we target the candidates with potential to utilize their talent into the prospective company. Our clients may search for candidates fulfilling their vacant position. But we target to fulfill the requirement with the best talent and the candidates with the most potentials.