Counseling Services


Counseling Services enables employees to optimize their psychological health so that they may fulfill their job role as individuals and contribute to building healthy relationships and communities toward greater autonomy and effectiveness, with higher productivity rate for the organization. Raspberry can be effective treat for your requirement with state of art techniques for counseling support,the development and enhancement of life skills, and encourage self-reflection. Counseling is to help the people in the organization make needed changes in the ways of thinking, behaving and thought process with the aim to integrate the employees with organization goals. It is a collaborative process involving supportive and non judgmental counselor working with the clients in understanding their experiences, helping up in setting viable goals and developing strategies and plans required to achieve defined goals. The time involve in the process differs from cases to cases. In the counseling process it is important for the consultant or the counselor to maintain the confidentiality as it is the basic of counseling function as the people interacting with the counselor should be assured that the information that will be discussed will be strictly confidential will be accessible only by the people involved only.
The need to consultant for counseling arises when their attempt to deal with their concern are no longer effective. Counseling can address organizations problem in communication, coordination and cooperation, stress management, goal orientation and other related to issues causing gap in organization performance.
Raspberry Solution shall provide customized service to meet the unique need of specific organization. The client organization shall choose the level of service based on their requirement. The client organization will have advantage of expert consultant who has long experience in the industry and capabilities to provide quality service to similar business organization in the region. The expertise help to the client company shall enable to experience the benefits of a healthy and productive work force.
Work stress has direct impact on mental health of the employees. Due to these stress and others issues generated from it shall cause huge cost burden to the organization. The organization cost of these issues are increased absenteeism, decreased productivity, increased health care cost, decreased job satisfaction which will increase the employees turnover and finally resulting to managerial stress. Hence, seeking the expertise help in counseling service shall help in mitigating negative consequences and cost of doing business.
The organization seeking the counseling service from Raspberry Solution shall have the benefits of professional level service that is being locally operated insuring its well-versed idea on the employee’s issues. The recommendation provided by the consultant involved will help the clients to make better decision. The expert consultant involved have long experience in providing quality service in helping the people deal with difficult issues and guarantee of previous assignment success with the management and the employees. The process of One to One meeting and counseling service to the client organization has be marked as most beneficial and more attractive choice for most of the client.
The process of work place counseling supports the employees which is short term in nature that will help gain the employees the specialist and independent resource for the employees working across all sectors and in all kinds of working environment. The counseling process is about giving the employees a safe place to talk about their issues that troubles them. This will allow the counselors to encourage them to find their own solutions to those problems and find the better ways to deal with issues. The counseling process isn’t about giving the expertise advice but providing a non-judgmental, empathic and accessible method to allow employees to find the way forward.
The counseling services are offered to people in organization across all sectors, location and sizes. The methods and procedure of counseling service may differ from size of the organization and the funds availability. But consultant providing the service shall insure the confidentiality for whatever the method is used. With the help of employees counseling the process is expected to impact on work stress, overwork, bullying and difficult colleagues in which the solution will result in employees performance. The results can be determined from level of employee’s absenteeism and employee’s turnover rate and cost saved by the organization in long run with employee’s satisfaction.
Providing counseling to the employees by the organization isn’t beyond the organization capabilities but the skills and resources of organization are involved in other important task that makes organization seek the help of the expert consultant help for the service. By the involvement of expert consultant the organization shall be confident that the information are kept confidential and procedure and solution implemented to be voluntarily and independent from attachment feeling with the employees. Usually the consultant involve in employees counseling are working under the concept of organization help and safety. The levels of expertise are increased with ever task assignment undertaken by the consultant. With the increased level of confidence with concept of Organization Health and safety the client organization can be assured with fast response to help them manage their issues. It can be big investment to employ the consultant but change and efficiency gained through the best management solution for long term business solution shall ultimately prove to be right decision any client organization can make.