About us

Raspberry provides a wide range of business performance solutions that enable business owners to be more systematic and strategic about the role that people play in the success of a company. Through our flagship, full-service of human resource (HR) solution, we provide everything you need to grow your business, from large company benefits to payroll processing, while managing employer liability and compliance issues.

Our Vision

Raspberry is striving to be…The best place to work in Nepal, having the best talent with whom to work.

Our Mission

Raspberry Outsourcing aims to consistently exceed industry standards by providing clients with a high level of personalized service and enabling cost savings and synergies.We also aim to develop and deliver constantly evolving working solutions which can contribute substantially to our client’s success.

Our Quality Objectives

  • Streamlining employee- related administration with advanced HR technology
  • To deliver what we promise and promise only what we can deliver
  • Highly trained professional involved in dealing with your business queries
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Our Merits

- Deliver services at an economical rate and well within the reach of the business.
- Works with each client to develop solutions that meet your specific needs and fit.
- Customised recruitment service that meets the client’s needs, i.e

  • A comprehensive HR service enabling you to focus on growth and opportunities
  • Maximum productivity and profitability with full-service HR.
  • Posting openings as many times at no incremental costs
  • Job Description Development
  • Background and reference checking
  • Compensation Benchmarking
  • Screenings



Counseling Services

Counseling Services enables employees to optimize their psychological health so that they may fulfill their job role as individuals and contribute to building healthy relationships and communities toward greater autonomy and effectiveness, with higher productivity rate for the organization. Raspberry can be effective treat for your requirement with state of art techniques for counseling support,the […]

Candidate Assessment

Candidate Assessment

Candidate Assessment is the process by which an employer evaluates individuals when considering them for an open position. The ultimate goal of candidate assessment is to refine the candidates and pick the best hire. Raspberry provides you highly qualified persons and specialized tools for your requirements -Assessment of candidate.